Applying to top firms is often time-consuming and nerve-wracking.

1) your documents such as cover letter and resume must be prepared individually
2) Social media profiles like Xing and LinkedIn should always be up to date
3) Keeping track of the most suitable online job boards is costly
4) Being able to present and sell yourself in the best possible way is a challenge

Kooku knows the market and has contacts to the decision makers

Our consultants at Kooku Career Support have a wealth of experience when it comes to job applications due to their years of experience as recruiting experts. We know what recruiters look for, what makes them look up and what the no-go's are.

Our experience is based on a broad customer portfolio, from traditional corporations to innovative start-ups. We offer our applicants various services to support you in your career planning in the long term. We take a lot of time to get to know the personalities behind the CVs and to work out a perfect and authentic external presentation. Be it the preparation of the classic CV, optimizing the profile in social networks, preparing for a job interview or for an intensive assessment center: as a job seeker with ambitious goals, all this should be thoroughly prepared and trained.

Rely on professionals when it comes to the following services:

This is how applicants describe working with us:

"Exceedingly friendly contact. Deadlines were met. Application process was transparent."

"Professional and dedicated!"

"I would speak positively about Kooku Career Support."

"Very friendly and personable, timely and reliable."

How exactly do applicants who use our services benefit?

1. advantage

Personality in the foreground

We don't see your resume as a work order but proactively look behind the scenes. Who is behind the application documents and how can the personality of an applicant be presented as concisely as possible through the cover letter and CV? Together we will discuss a path that will allow you to master the application process with self-confidence through an authentic external presentation.

2. advantage


Professionalism, reliability and sustainability are pioneering factors for us. We provide our candidates and coachees with tailored support throughout the entire application process - from initial contact to hiring. We always see cooperation as teamwork that leads to success together.

3rd advantage


Gain market advantage by bringing a fresh perspective to your application process. Our consultants will give you honest and professional feedback from a recruiter's point of view and will work with you to develop an authentic and successful application strategy.

We regularly place candidates with companies from our portfolio

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