Design Portfolio Check

Portfolio? Check! With our service
you are ready for your next step.

Portfolio? Check! With our service, you are ready for your next step.

Many designers are familiar with the fact that you need to update your portfolio before applying for jobs.

This often means recapitulating, revising and summarizing everything that has been done. The best way to do this is to diligently document all processes while working, but this is usually one of the good intentions that you always make. The reality is usually quite different.

As soon as you have the idea that you want to change jobs, an intensive period with the portfolio begins. It can be an enormous help if an external person takes a closer look at the portfolio and contributes another opinion, because often you can no longer see the wood for the trees.

Our Design Portfolio Check gives designers the opportunity not only to have their documents assessed from the perspective of a recruiter and HR manager, but also to benefit from their wealth of experience. Because only those who have worked with many designers themselves and know the demands on a portfolio can help designers to create an optimized portfolio and thus prepare them for a new job.

We have two service offers for you:

The Design Portfolio Check is divided into three steps:

1. brief introduction and discussion of your career goals (15 min call)
2nd portfolio review by our Aylin
3. discussion of the portfolio and written feedback (20 min call)

Your advantage: You have all the feedback in writing and therefore do not have to take notes, but you can also ask your questions in the call and discuss the entire portfolio.

159 €

The Design Portfolio Quick Check is also divided into three steps:

1. you send your portfolio to Aylin
2. aylin will send you a link to her calendar after the review
3. video call with oral feedback on your portfolio (20 – 30 min)

89 €


Then get in touch with Aylin for a non-binding initial consultation on 0176-34628328 or book an appointment for your portfolio check directly.