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Your coach for career and vocation

Galya Georgieva

Certified Life Coach (Dr. Bock Coaching Academy) 

“By asking the right questions, actively listening and communicating in an appreciative and open manner, I offer you a goal and solution-oriented form of consulting. I firmly believe that everyone is an expert in his or her own life. Sometimes we just need a little push to get us on the path that’s right for us.”

For more clarity and security in your career planning!

It’s time for a professional orientation and a clear idea about your career that matches your personality and values? Professional success that comes with authenticity and development is a desirable state for you? Do you want to set out on the path to your fulfilling career with a clear vision and goals?

Once the thought of more fulfillment in one’s job is anchored in one’s mind, it is impossible to imagine life without it. Only with a clear goal in mind can you set out on the path to your new professional future. In order to get a fully comprehensive picture of this, we as a full-service recruiting agency, together with career coach Galya, have developed a concept and a process that leaves plenty of room open for individual needs.

In the joint process, we will be guided by the following questions, among others:

  • How do you build a career that matches your values and personality?
  • How can you follow your inner call and build an authentic career?
  • What is really important to you in your professional future?

We help you find the right answers.

With our solution-oriented process we accompany you on your way to more clarity about competencies as well as options for action.

At the beginning we will deal with your current situation in order to develop a solution picture in the next steps. Through our shared vision and values work, we create a compass to support you on your new career path. We then focus on your skills, talents as well as interests and create a red thread, as a resource for your career and confident, transparent communication. This is followed by mindset work and the elaboration of a new positive self-image. At our final meeting, we will develop your specific goals as well as a step-by-step action plan to launch your self-directed career.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Free and non-binding initial consultation
  • Non-binding get-to-know conversation with Coach Galya
  • Resource- and needs-oriented individual coaching
  • Support and consolidation through various worksheets
  • Flexible in location (online coaching) and duration (4-8 weeks)
  • Guideline with step-by-step instructions for career planning
  • Implementation also possible in English


1. Short initial meeting and introduction service

2. Get-to-know conversation with Galya and clarification of the assignment

3. Joint career coaching incl. Action Plan

890 €


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