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For all HR managers who want to sustainably improve their recruiting culture and fill critical positions quickly and based on key performance indicators, without:

  • lengthy recruitment processes

  • Budget overrun

  • unfilled key positions

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How Thalia's digital unit used Kooku to significantly increase its staffing rate:

Recruiting Services Sascha Stehling Thalia

Head of Digital Retail Solutions - Thalia

“The cooperation with Kooku was well organized and trustful. The Kooku team’s expertise helped us identify and address weaknesses in our employer branding and candidate approach beyond the initial briefing. This has allowed us to attract more good candidates and significantly increase our fill rate.”

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Josefine Loewe

Head of Customer Growth and Success

Josefine is responsible for the well-being of our customers. It will find the best service for your growth in order to fill your vacancies efficiently and effectively. Josi’s mission is to enable our customers and partners to grow in line with their needs and to take the pressure off internal recruiting teams. 

To achieve this goal, it is important to her that our recruiters are a perfect match for the individual requirements of our customers in order to guarantee the high quality of our services and long-term customer relationships. 

Just find an available date in Josefine’s calendar here on the right or get in touch with her via the following ways:

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In a short meeting to get to know each other, we will examine your individual needs together. We will then provide you with specific feedback on whether and how we can fill your vacancies.

Additional recruiting know-how in a nutshell

The work of a recruiting agency primarily includes targeted candidate acquisition, e.g. by choosing the right recruiting channel or active sourcing / direct search and approaching suitable candidates.

In addition, a good recruiting agency will take care of reviewing the applications and prospects received, as well as interviewing candidates.

Together with the HR/recruiting department, a professional recruiting agency also develops an effective recruiting strategy and works with HR marketing to further develop employer branding in order to ensure an appealing candidate experience – with the aim of guiding applicants through the recruiting process in a targeted manner and without hurdles.

For this purpose, experienced interim recruiters and recruiting specialists develop a candidate persona. This is used to target the group of candidates sought by selecting the right recruiting channels / job portals or by direct search on social networks in the way candidates expect.

Many years of experience in recruiting ensure that recruiters use standardized and effective recruiting processes efficiently and market the client company optimally throughout the entire recruiting process.

The aim is to plan personnel requirements at an early stage through personnel planning in order to identify costs & requirements and avoid personnel bottlenecks in the company. Further secondary objectives are derived from the personnel planning and must be pursued and implemented. These goals result from the individual needs of the company and must be defined at the beginning of the recruiting process.

In order to find suitable applicants for the company, we recommend sourcing in social recruiting and the use of new technologies as well as a target group-specific approach. We support you through different recruiting models such as RPO & Interim. After we have jointly agreed on the requirements profile and the job description, we search for candidates through the appropriate channels. Depending on the company’s needs and structure, we create a suitable recruiting mix to find the right candidates for you.

Social recruiting is the process of posting jobs, recruiting candidates, and contacting potential employees via social media platforms such as LinkedIn and XING. Social media recruiting allows companies to reach passive candidates, gather more referrals, target desired candidates, showcase their company culture, and save money.

E-recruiting represents a complete and digital process of recruitment. From the search of potential candidates to the selection, communication and management of the application process. The main goals are simplification, acceleration, but also quality improvement.

Would you like more information on recruiting? Then feel free to read more about it in our recruiting blog.

This is why our customers like to work with us

A professional and experienced team

Many years of expertise and extensive training of our employees.

Many years of expertise and extensive training.

Our interim recruiting specialists and consultants bring many years of experience and up-to-date industry knowledge to the table. Internal training of our employees and common "best practice" processes always guarantee efficient recruiting. The open exchange about your project in our 40-member team guarantees success!

Fair and transparent pricing

We work for you! Efficient and traceable.

For you: Efficient and comprehensible.

Recruiting has to do with TRUST and not with just SELLING PROFILES - because it is about your future employees and not just about numbers in statistics. Therefore, we do not take any sales commissions, but charge for our work by the minute. Our goal is the sustainable filling of your open positions and for this we want to work together with you

Data-based quality management

Software-based process analysis and optimization.

Software-based process analysis and optimization

Our internal SaaS solution enables an accurate effort estimation for your individual recruiting project. Over the last 10 years, we have identified the relevant "key performance indicators" in recruiting. Based on the KPI analysis, we can continuously optimize the recruiting process and provide you with current market insights in a structured manner.