Checkliste für Stellenanzeige Kooku

Job advertisement: checklist for good job applications

Every recruiting process begins with a job advertisement. We share our insights on what makes a good job ad here in the form of a ten-point checklist that will make wording, placement and hiring a success.

1. do I use a clear, meaningful job title?

Job boards work like search engines. The most important keywords must therefore be included in the job advertisement. The title should accurately reflect the job profile and be common. Gender-sensitive wording and complete information on the most important key data (e.g. place of work, type of employment) are the basic requirements.

2. do I express myself concisely, avoid empty phrases and get to the point?

Applicants are usually put off by vague wording or unclear job descriptions. Overly flowery language should also be in job advertisements should be avoided.

3. do I have a clear job profile in mind and have I aligned my job advertisement accordingly?

The worm must taste good to the fish, not to the angler. Is the ideal applicant more problem-solving or culture-sensitive? Some candidates want to solve problems and already read in the job advertisement problems and concrete requirements of the coming months. Others are looking for a harmonious working environment; in such cases, team and atmosphere are more important. A job advertisement is an advertisement. Accordingly, it should be formulated in the language of the applicants.

4. Do I address my candidates directly?

The key points under Benefits, Duties and Requirements should at least partially start with “You” or “You”.

5. have I removed unnecessary hurdles?

An application should be as simple as possible. One-click applications or online application forms simplify the process.

6. did I place my job ad broadly and specifically?

For the placement of the advertisement should not be used exclusively the large, paid portals. An advertisement on as many free channels as possible is worthwhile in order to reach latently searching candidates. In addition, it makes sense to research industry- or job-specific portals and invest special effort in them.

7. has my job advertisement been proofread?

Errors and unattractively worded sentences reduce the attractiveness of a job advertisement. The claim of wanting to receive neatly worded and correctly written applications should be made accordingly to the advertisement.

8. have I looked at my job ad again after it was published?

Some portals distort the layout so that the display is presented in an unfavorable way. Here it is worth taking a look at the final display.

9. does my job advertisement contain the benefits that I can offer?

“Flat hierarchies” or “great customers” are not benefits. Benefits are hard-hitting selling points for a job. What do applicants get from your job that they can’t find elsewhere?

10. have I included a call-to-action button in my job ad?

A call-to-action button with a specific action instruction gives candidates information about what they should do and further simplifies the process. For example, “Apply now” would be conceivable.

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