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Data-based recruiting and holistic process consulting

Companies often do not have the necessary capacity to adequately meet their growth objectives. This makes it all the more important to optimize the workload of internal HR and recruiting departments, especially when working in tight candidate markets.

Kooku sees itself as a long-term and competent partner at your side.

How does that work?

Whether on-site on an interim basis or remotely in the course of recruitment process outsourcing - through lean processes and intelligent search algorithms we find the perfect specialists and executives as ideal candidates for your open vacancies.

We simply relieve the pressure in your recruiting pipeline at short notice, individually and without the usual headhunter costs.

Through our individual consulting services, we are also able to flank and sustainably optimize operational recruiting for you. This also puts your company in a better position on the applicant market in the long term.

With Kooku as your exclusive recruiting partner, you have professional recruiters and HR managers on call at all times - now and in the near future and beyond.

Our services in detail

Feedback from our partners

Stefan Pirpamer

Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Signavio GmbH

"The team of Kooku has been able to integrate excellently with Signavio's already existing Talent Acquisition team. Due to the professional approach and the necessary technical expertise, the collaboration of the last 6 months was very successful and I can only recommend Kooku."

Fanny Frenkler

Head of HR at Civey GmbH

"How would I describe working with Kooku very briefly? - Very pleasant. Everything great!"

Simon Malessa

HR Manager at successyou GmbH

"Kooku give us the ability to increase the size of our recruitment team on an ad hoc basis so we can increase our rate for key vacancies."

Marlene Körschges

Head of Human Resources & Organisational Development at f.u.n.k.e. MITTELSTANDS GmbH

"Working with Kooku was straightforward, fast and great quality."

Henning Müller

Personnel Officer Recruiting and Personnel Development at IVU Traffic Technologies AG

"Working with Kooku was professional, friendly and knowledgeable."

Andreea Turlea

Talent Acquisition at Netcentric

"I would like to thank you for all your help so far, it was great to collaborate with you. We were really happy with these candidates and your work."

Noah Fischer

Managing Director at FinoMedia GmbH

"Working with Kooku worked out great and was very easy. We filled the position after only 3 weeks and will definitely work with Kooku again in the future. Thank you!"

Martin Firlus

Head of Recruiting at Smava GmbH

"Working with Kooku has been consistently professional and reliable. The KPI reports are absolutely helpful and always keep us up to date on current recruiting progress."

This is why companies like to work with us

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Accurately recorded performance to the minute

Kooku knows the headhunting business. We've long wondered why recruiting has to be so expensive. With us there is honest performance and appreciation for your money. Every minute is precisely recorded by us and comprehensibly presented in weekly project reports. This way you will always know how we are progressing with your recruiting project.

Data-based recruiting

KPIs as the basis of our work for you

Over the past 4 years, we have developed customized "Key Performance Indicators" that allow us to provide a very accurate effort estimate for your individual recruiting project. Based on this effort estimate, we have our performance measured in weekly project reports.

Perfect candidate matching

More than just "a feeling

Our recruiters receive intensive training in interviewing and candidate analysis. A comprehensive catalogue of psychological tests and a careful selection process ensure a perfect match between the job and the candidate profile, so that you can fill your position in the long term.

Intelligent search algorithms

We know exactly what we are doing

When we look, we look right. Refrain from a lengthy trial & error procedure and trust the experts. We support you hands-on with our experience and our matching and analysis tools in the search for the ideal candidate. In doing so, we do not take any detours.

Innovative Big Data Analyses

We know your candidates

We don't just use Xing and LinkedIn. A special Big Data analysis tool allows us to aggregate candidate information located all over the Internet. This way, we not only know who is currently open for job offers, but also at which telephone number we can reach him or her.

A professional and experienced team

"General HR" meets specialized market knowledge

Our consultants are experienced specialists with comprehensive industry knowledge, strategic competence and high communication sensitivity. We develop a recruiting strategy tailored to your needs and implement it together with you. Through the interim assignment at your location, you also receive a maximum transfer of knowledge.

Companies that already work with us

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Request individual effort estimate

In a short meeting to get to know each other, we will examine your individual needs together. We will then give you concrete feedback as to whether and how we can fill your vacancies.