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When it comes to recruitment, the support of a headhunter has a clear advantage: headhunters can access a cross-industry network of applicants, quickly find you a suitable profile and place candidates for your vacancies. However, the costs for a headhunter should not be underestimated and the recruiting process is not always transparent for the client.

With Kooku’s Headhunter 2.0 you avoid these disadvantages. Our recruiters know the market, work much closer to your company than a traditional headhunter, and can support you in every aspect of the candidate process you need help with. You decide how much you involve us in your employee search.

What are our advantages over the classic headhunter?

Of course, there are some advantages to hiring one of the classic headhunters: If you lack the resources to search for qualified employees yourself, if you urgently need to fill a certain vacancy but are not making enough speed with the recruiting process or simply do not receive enough applications for your open jobs - In all these cases, a headhunter can easily provide relief. He can bring employers together with suitable job candidates and thus advance the candidates' careers. But as is so often the case, there are also disadvantages to using a headhunter:

On the one hand, a company naturally wants to maintain a positive image during the search. However, it can happen that a headhunter leaves a negative impression on the candidates contacted, because although he acts on behalf of the client, as an external party he is often unable to provide detailed information on the vacancies to be filled. After all, he does not know the company as well as an internal recruiter or on-site consultant would.

In contrast to the headhunter, internal recruiters often find candidates who are a much better fit for the team, because they identify themselves as employees of the company for which you are recruiting potential new colleagues. This means that they not only have more information about the job itself and the working environment, but are also particularly interested in a good team fit of the job candidate.

For a company that hires a headhunter to find and recruit suitable professionals, there is of course another disadvantage compared to an in-house recruitment consultant: The costs. If a candidate is successfully recruited, depending on the agreement, about 15-30 % of the annual salary of the placed position is due. Especially in the case of highly qualified specialists and managers, this can add up to a significant sum for the company. This is why it is particularly important that the headhunter does a good job and places suitable candidates with his client, so that the deal is worthwhile for all parties involved. Kooku not only finds candidates for you who fit into your team culturally, but also saves you approx. 30-60% of the recruiting costs for the successful and long-term filling of the position.

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How does Kooku's Headhunter 2.0 service work?

With our Headhunter 2.0 service, it is particularly important to us that our clients can quickly and cost-effectively obtain qualified employees who can strengthen their teams and contribute their talents to the company.

Unlike a classic headhunter, we, therefore, work closely alongside our clients at every step of the process, getting to know the company and its needs in detail and dealing extensively with the positions to be filled.

We always proceed as follows:

Prequel: the Validation of the job profile and an initial free market research enable us to make a concrete assessment of the success of your job filling. Because only if we have precise insights into what is currently happening on the market in your industry and in the positions to be filled we can work efficiently and to a high standard of quality and target the perfect specialist for your job. This facilitates a smooth and maximally transparent recruitment process for you.

An Individual, KPI-supported effort estimation gives you an accurate insight into the time we take. For each of our clients, the recruitment process will match your requirements so that we can offer you the best value for money and high quality results.

We will also develop a concrete search strategy and reliable milestones as well as a total duration for successfully filling the position. In this way, you can optimise your time management and engage in forward-looking personnel planning.

In regular Jour Fixes we compare our successes with the help of the performance indicators determined in advance. About once a week, we talk to you personally about the goals we have achieved so far and discuss open questions together. You will be well advised in all matters.

Already after 12h you will reveive a first longlist with suitable candidates. In this way, you can act quickly and pick out suitable contacts that you can well imagine as an addition to your company.

Within 5-10 days we present to you the first suitable applicants. Of course, we will competently assist you with all questions regarding personnel marketing. We will give you tips on topics such as the application, the actual interview with a suitable candidate and the most important steps on the way to hiring your new colleagues.

Usually, the position is is going to be filled after 2 months at the latest with executives to qualified specialists. With the help of our personnel consultant, you can fill any vacant position in the shortest possible time. We are happy to do the work for you and help you find the best candidate for your vacancy in a timely manner and inspire them for your company.

Would you like personal advice on the subject of recruitment process outsourcing?

Contact us directly by telephone or e-mail. We will be happy to advise you and, of course, free of charge.