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Mathias Mengel

Founder & CEO

Mathias Mengel is the brains behind Kooku Recruiting Partners. As a specialist in recruiting topics with a focus on IT, he is the first point of contact for all questions relating to recruiting processes and digitization in the company. As an early adopter, he is always open to exchanging ideas on current trends in these areas and ensures that Kooku’s processes remain lean and efficient as the company continues to grow.


Jan Pautsch

Director - Kooku X

Jan specializes in senior and executive search in the design and innovation industry. He combines network-based headhunting with data-driven recruiting and holistic process consulting. Before joining Kooku Recruiting Partners, he successfully managed the German office of a global talent consultancy and supported McKinsey & Company, innogy SE, Oetker Digital, Mobimeo and MetaDesign, among others. He has many years of experience in business management and design lead positions in large German digital agencies. For him, shaping genuine personal relationships in a constantly changing technology- and transaction-driven recruiting landscape is a major concern.


Josefine Loewe

Head of Growth and Success

Josefine has gone through a classic recruiting career. Today, her heart beats for the perfect fit between our customers and recruiters. Her mission is to build long-term, success-generating relationships with our partners. To achieve this goal, the high quality of our services is particularly important to her.


Martin Firlus

Business Unit Lead - Tech Recruiting

Martin brings more than ten years of tech and non-tech recruiting experience to the table, has already international Recruiting teams established as well as managed, is MCSA BI Reporting certifiziert and supports us internal im range Data Engineering, Analytics and reportg (Business– Recruiting & HRData).


Christin Biermayer

Business Unit Lead - SMB Recruiting

Christin stands out for her versatility and curiosity. Through her training in Systemic Coaching, she emphasizes change and growth with clients. As a passionate Team & Project Lead with expertise in recruiting, coaching, marketing and customer care, she focuses on authenticity, creativity and hands-on mentality.

Jan Slizarski

Jan Slizarski

Senior Recruiting Operations Specialist

Jan has a background in Information Systems and more than 5 years of experience in tech and non-tech recruiting for small startups to corporate clients. He has solid technical knowledge and process experience in setting up and managing various applicant management systems.


Nina Alpers

Recruiting Consultant

Nina is a recruiting consultant at Kooku. As a business economist with many years of professional experience in the financial sector, she specializes in sales, personnel management and coaching. With an enthusiasm for consulting and organization, Nina now oversees jobs ranging from marketing to tech. In doing so, she supports her clients in applicant management and recruiting in order to find the “perfect fit”.

Mitarbeiterportrait- Marilyn Djie

Marilyn Djie

Senior Recruiting Consultant

Marilyn has experience in international (tech) recruiting, executive search, account management and project management, primarily in the finance and FinTech industry. She has built up a network in various working environments, from the federal administration to start-ups. In consulting, she is committed to DE&I initiatives and a strategic, data-based recruiting approach.

Mitarbeiterbild - Peter Haas

Peter Haas

Senior Lead Recruiter

As an experienced Talent Acquisition Specialist with a background in psychology, Peter is characterized by his versatile expertise. His generalist approach is reflected in the successful management of tech and non-tech positions. His recruiting philosophy is based on retention, whereby he pursues a holistic talent acquisition approach. Peter brings experience and above all a strong commitment to topics such as employer branding, DEI, talent pooling and the implementation of internal mobility and referral programs. In addition to his in-depth expertise, his Dutch flair and sense of humor ensure a positive dynamic in the collaboration.

Kooku Recruiting Phil Pazurek

Phil Pazurek

Recruiting Consultant

Phil studied business administration and psychology and combines his interdisciplinary expertise in consulting with his clients. He brings experience from in-house talent acquisition and has also acted as a service provider in a consulting capacity in the area of human resources. Phil specializes in the areas of: (online) marketing & sales, e-commerce, business development & HR. He brings knowledge from aptitude diagnostics and has been advising individuals in private and professional concerns for several years. With regard to the perfect fit, in addition to the professional suitability of the person, the interpersonal component is particularly important to him.


Anika Lehmann

Recruiting Marketing Specialist

Anika is a Recruiting Marketing Specialist at Kooku. She studied Business Administration with a major in Marketing and brings experience from online marketing, especially in performance marketing. Anika enjoys the collaboration and constant exchange within the team and wants to use her skills to support Kooku in the best possible way.

Annika Andresen Kooku Recruiting GmbH

Annika Andresen

Senior Recruiting Specialist

Annika brings several years of experience from generalist HR management, employer branding and tech recruiting. Her passion is to capture the personality, interests and motivation to change of talents and to convert them into tailor-made candidate communication. With proactivity, sensitivity and persuasiveness, she successfully connects with top candidates.

Mitarbeiterbild - Nadine Ehrhardt

Nadine Ehrhardt

Recruiting Specialist

Nadine has a background as an in-house recruiter and has gained experience in various environments, from start-ups to Big Four. Her focus at Kooku is particularly on recruiting personnel for the renewable energy and sustainability sectors.


Ingo Thomas

Sourcing Specialist

As an all-round talent, Ingo is responsible for IT and internal recruiting. In addition to his specialization in active sourcing, he develops new automation processes at Kooku Recruiting Partners.


Nicole Scheile

Business Development Associate

Nicole supports the team as a Business Development Associate. Through her management and law studies, she has acquired knowledge in various areas such as HR, marketing, controlling, business administration and law. With this background, it is important for her to bring everything she has learned through her studies to her workplace and support her team as efficiently as possible.

Lisa Nowosad - Website(1)

Lisa Nowosad

Recruiting Associate

As a Recruiting Associate, Lisa brings to the team her intercultural communication and people skills gained during her time as a flight attendant and while studying psychology. Respectful, transparent interaction with and between candidates and clients is particularly important to her in helping to shape a life worthy working environment.


Theresa Raum

Senior Recruiting Specialist

Theresa has many years of experience in the areas of recruiting, personnel consulting and sales, among others. Her passion is bringing people together. With her hands-on mentality, her positive manner, and herkeen sense of personalities, she has been very successful in doing so, leaving hardly any customer or applicant requestsunfulfilled.

MA Bild - Catharina Marzi schwarzweiß

Catharina Marzi

Recruiting Associate

Catha has a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources and Marketing. She brings experience as an in-house HR professional, primarily in the areas of recruiting, employer branding and employee relations. As a Recruiting Associate, Catha is characterized by her open and honest manner, placing a particularly high value on the cultural fit between candidate: inside and customer.

Kooku Recruiting Mitarbeiterbild - Sonja Ritt

Sonja Ritt

Recruiting Associate

As a Recruiting Associate, Sonja brings with her extensive knowledge from her Master’s degree in Business Education.

With practical experience in various HR areas, from in-house recruiting to global HR strategy and learning & development, she brings diverse and international perspectives to the team. When dealing with candidates and customers, it is important to her to show appreciation and to interact as equals in order to create a working environment worth living in for everyone.

MA Bild - Carolin Bisser schwarzweiß

Carolin Bisser

Recruiting Associate

Carolin supports Kooku X as a Recruiting Associate – Intern. She studies management and law at the Management Center in Innsbruck and is currently working on her bachelor thesis on agile business management. Through her three-year training as an industrial clerk and her bachelor’s degree, she has gained work experience as well as knowledge in the areas of law, business administration and marketing. Through longer stays abroad in South Korea and Argentina, she has acquired extensive intercultural skills. With this in mind, it is important to Carolin to contribute her knowledge and experience gained so far to the team in the best possible way. With regard to clients and candidates, it is important to her to offer the best possible client / candidate experience through open communication and transparency.

Kooku Recruiting Partners Mitarbeiterportrait - Nina Mengel

Nina Mengel

People & Culture Manager

Nina has been with us from day one and is the good soul in our team. She takes care of the finances and everything related to HR and Office Management. At the same time, she always keeps an overview and has an open ear for all the concerns of our team.

Kooku Recruiting Partners Mitarbeiterportrait - Daniela Arlt

Daniela Arlt

Finance Manager

Daniela works as Finance Manager at Kooku and is the right contact person for all accounting matters. She brings over 20 years of experience from the commercial field and various industries. She is a commercial All-rounder and especially due to her many years as assistant to the management, she brings extensive expertise that she gladly contributes to Kooku. Her focus has always been finance and accounting, because the analytical and numbers-affine part of her loves that work. She particularly values good cooperation and friendly interaction.


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