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Are you struggling finding a job you desire?

Then we highly encourage you to read our blog post. We talk about job orientation and finding the job that you desire.​


Who are we? 

Kooku Recruiting Partners is a recruiting agency based in Berlin. We support our clients in finding talents, establishing HR processes, and grow a company. On daily bases we align with candidates through interviews and on the other side, we are in contact with our clients. Our job is connecting people with jobs and companies with the right candidates. 

Today, we liked to share insights and recommendation as recruiters:  


How to prepare if you feel a new job and life is needed. 

Part of our team is Aylin Sarica, Project Lead at Kooku Recruiting Partners.  

Her main objective: Match making which is not only her passion but also inspired by her own personal story. 

Aylin hasn’t had a typical career path: Encouraged by her ​social environment and family expectations, she studied law which she quickly realized wouldn’t meet her true purpose of working with people. With her master class „It’s a match“, she encourages you to find the job you desire and not sticking to something you aren’t happy doing. 

In a collaboration with Wild Code School Aylin held a master class for its students.  ​ 

Wild Code School is a leading European tech school offering career changing programs at 20+ campuses, remotely or at company’s offices. Its programs have trained more than 4,3000 students in Europe on most in-demand IT professions (Web DevelopmentData Analysis, Cybersecurity, No Code and Product Management). Specialized in adult education, Wild Code School therefore offers job orientation and expert talks for its students to prepare them for their future job role.


Key Topic of Aylin’s masterclass: Finding the job you desire. 

Every job orientation includes evolving and new opportunities to grow: the classical scenario would be looking for a new job within the sector you have been working. A further option could be that you might be ready for a new profession that drives you and makes your heart jump: This is finding a new career path. Both scenarios are about job orientation. The following phases are need to be considered to find a suitable and fullfilling job: 


The four phases of job orientation 

1.       Orientation 

2.       Application 

3.       Adjustment 

4.       Interviews 


1.      Orientation: Exploring your Values, needs & strengths 

Your values and needs are like a map and compass in your life. Have you been brainstorming about your values and ideas yet? If the answer is no, it’s time to start. 

Make sure to find a company that matches your values and offers a job that matters to you. 

Within Aylin’s master class a group of Wild Code School students explored with some exercises the their own needs and values. 


2.      Application: Research & apply  

Before you start applying, make sure to research. Deeply. 

Google, LinkedIn and Your network are your friends: Ask your network, check plattforms such as kununu and glassdoor. 

Adjust your CV and your portfolio according to the job: Emphasize all aspects of your past and current experiences, which match the requirements of the current position. 

What is the common theme in your life story? 


3.      Adjustment: Trial and error 

You haven’t received an invitation for an interview? 

Don’t be shy and ask for feedback. According to Aylin’s experience the feedback is crucial to adjust your strategy and become successful. 


4.      Interviews 

The last phase of job orientation. As a Recruiting expert Aylin shares lots of insights within her master class such as asking the right questions and good preparation methods for the interview: Preparation is key: Have you tried the elevator pitch format before? Aylin recommends showing your common theme to your interviewer. 


Are you interested to deep dive more into the different phases and learn from Aylin’s insights?

Check out Aylin’s free Master Class on how to find the job you desire. 

Event: For registration click here.

Profile: Aylin 


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