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For all HR managers who want to utilize our many years of active sourcing experience for their recruiting team .

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Contents of the Active Sourcing Seminar by Kooku

Learn everything you need to know about active sourcing in our comprehensive active sourcing training. We arm you and your company with innovative active sourcing methods for the highly competitive applicant market, so that you can attract the best candidates for your company. We support you with valuable knowledge on the following aspects of active sourcing:

  • Active sourcing: mindset and working methods
  • What does "professionalism" mean in active sourcing?
  • Optimal research in career networks and applicant databases
  • Useful active sourcing tools
  • Questions about the requirements profile
  • The most important commands for building search strings
  • Industry-relevant active sourcing channels alongside LinkedIn and Xing
  • Professional tips for the candidate search
  • The Boolean search and its operators
  • Important: Documentation through the search log
  • Writing a cover letter according to the AIDA formula
  • Staying on the ball: structured follow-up of candidates
  • Tips for avoiding risks when addressing people
  • Important data protection aspects when approaching candidates
  • Answering the individual questions of your recruiters
  • Practical examples based on open positions in your company

In summary, by participating in our active sourcing seminar, you will gain valuable basic knowledge, all the expertise, practical tips and the necessary sensitivity for successful active sourcing.

What our Active Sourcing Seminar offers: systematically finding qualified employees

Do you want to professionalize your recruiting process and invest in the future of your company? Then our Active Sourcing Seminar is exactly the right event for your HR managers.

Finding qualified employees for your company is more important today than ever before. The success of your company depends in large part on hiring motivated talent. No wonder that such suitable candidates are strongly courted on the labor market. This makes it increasingly difficult for companies to find suitable personnel quickly and easily and to retain them in their own operations. In times of a shortage of skilled workers and in view of the high level of competition from attractive employers, it is essential to think about personnel management in the long term and to build up a pool of qualified candidates. With Active Sourcing, you can create precisely this talent pool and continuously expand it with promising candidates.

How to be successful with Active Sourcing, which requirements and Active Sourcing methods there are and which tools and networks you can access, you will learn in the Active Sourcing training of Kooku. We share our expertise and years of experience in the recruiting industry with you and support you in establishing contacts with promising candidates for current and future vacancies and in retaining them permanently.

Register today for our Active Sourcing Seminar and learn how to systematically find qualified personnel!

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Head of Growth and Success

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Josefines heart beats for the perfect fit between our clients and recruiters. Her mission is to build long-term, success-generating relationships with our partners. To achieve this goal, the high quality of our services is particularly important to her.

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The advantages of active sourcing over passive recruiting measures

Once your HR department is in contact with a suitably large pool of potential employees, the recruiting process is greatly accelerated as soon as it matters. In contrast to passive recruiting, active sourcing means that the HR department does not have to advertise the position and wait for the most qualified applicants to contact it when a vacancy arises. Instead, HR managers can rely on direct approaches to suitable candidates with whom they are already in contact.

Instead of hoping that applicants with the required qualities will contact the company, pre-screened candidates with suitable profiles can be targeted. This speeds up the hiring process while ensuring that applicants’ skills are the best fit for the job. With Active Sourcing, you can prevent personnel bottlenecks in good time. In our Active Sourcing Seminar, we will show you in detail how to proceed in a targeted manner.

In addition to the time aspect, active sourcing also saves you the cost of placing job advertisements. By addressing candidates directly, you are thus directly one step ahead in the recruiting process. It’s also very likely that your recruiting specialists will have to conduct fewer interviews than with passive recruiting, since they are specifically inviting talent that is ideally suited for the open position. This allows your HR department to work absolutely efficiently and cost-saving.

Another advantage of active sourcing is that competing companies can be bypassed in the search for qualified professionals. They approach candidates before they actively enter the job market. In this way, you can identify talent that is ready to switch but has not yet ventured into the candidate market. And even if you approach candidates who don’t want to leave their current job at that point, many employees are perfectly willing to stay in touch in case they want to advance their careers later.

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