Active sourcing

For all HR managers with ambitious growth targets who want to fill key positions within a few weeks without high headhunter costs sustainable, scalable and flexible, without:

  • Lack of know-how and capacities

  • break the HR budget

  • miss the hiring targets

Why Active Sourcing?

Active sourcing is an effective way to find the right candidates quickly and cost-effectively. Kooku’s active sourcing techniques are innovative and offer the same benefits as traditional headhunting services, but at a fraction of the cost. Trust Kooku to streamline your recruitment process and build the perfect team.

How we found the perfect candidate in close cooperation with Moodja:

Managing director - Moodja

“Through Kooku, we have found personally and professionally ideal candidates without tying up additional capacity in the company. Personal Fit is an important criterion for us, which was super implemented by the open and personal support on the part of Kooku.”

KPI dashboard for maximum transparency and efficient processes

With 10 years of experience and extensive market expertise as well as technical know-how, our recruiters have a 95% success rate in filling positions. Last but not least, by addressing target groups in an open manner, we ensure an above-average response rate from candidates. For this purpose, we use marketing methods such as the AIDA formula, among others.

With fast & lean recruiting processes and the many years of experience of our recruiters, we can fill your positions in a short time. Our recruiting activities are billed by the minute. This saves our customers up to 60% on service provider budgets. No hidden costs or high headhunter commissions!

We use our position benchmark to compare the performance of the position you are looking to fill with similar positions we have already filled, enabling us to identify and resolve weaknesses in the recruiting process at an early stage.

We use AI to streamline our recruiting processes and get to the desired result faster. Through close teamwork and open exchange between our approximately 25 recruiting consultants, we quickly find the optimal candidate for your position.

Weekly reports and jour fixes always give you a transparent overview of the project progress and the relevant KPIs. With the help of the recorded project performance data, we present you with targeted optimization proposals and implement them together with you.

How can we currently support you in recruiting?

Josefine Loewe

Head of Customer Growth and Success

Josefine is responsible for the well-being of our customers. It will find the best service for your growth in order to fill your vacancies efficiently and effectively. Josi’s mission is to enable our customers and partners to grow in line with their needs and to take the pressure off internal recruiting teams. 

To achieve this goal, it is important to her that our recruiters are a perfect match for the individual requirements of our customers in order to guarantee the high quality of our services and long-term customer relationships. 

Just find an available date in Josefine’s calendar here on the right or get in touch with her via the following ways:

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Would you like further advice on active sourcing?

Contact us directly by phone or e-mail. We advise you without obligation and give you first tips for your recruiting.