Interim Recruiting

For all HR managers who want to fill vacancies in just a few weeks and sustainably optimize their recruiting processes using state-of-the-art methods, without:

  • additional HR staff

  • Months of searching, onboarding and training new recruiters

  • high expenditure of time and money

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4 steps to successful interim recruiting with Kooku

  • 0h: Communication of your individual needs

    In an initial short meeting, we will find out together what your requirements are for your ideal interim recruiter and how we can support you effectively by using our individually specialized recruiters. Book an appointment to get to know us right away!

  • 24h: Presentation of suitable interim recruiter profiles

    We check capacities internally and make sure you get exactly the recruiting specialist you need. In our 40-strong team, we almost certainly have the expertise and experience you need - whether it's recruiting assistance to manage your candidate pipeline, or recruiting specialists to provide 360° support for your positions and your department, or recruiting consultants to build and sustainably optimize your recruiting processes.

  • 48h: Personal meeting with your ideal interim recruiter

    Get to know our selected recruiters and convince yourself of the appropriate expertise and experience. In individual interviews, you can put our employees through their paces before we start working together to fill your vacancies.

  • 72h: Fast and uncomplicated support by Kooku

    Let's not waste time! Our interim recruiters are quickly available and support you exactly where you need them.

Your interim recruiter takes over the management of the recruiting pipeline independently, or complements your own human resources team – just as it suits your situation. Because every business has different needs that we can cater to.
We seamlessly bring our recruiting expertise to you, helping you find not only the perfect candidates using active sourcing.
Operationally, you benefit from our years of experience in recruiting. In addition, the close cooperation with our interim recruiters ensures maximum knowledge transfer to your HR department and we thus make you fit for the applicant market in the long term.
Whether managers, executives or qualified specialists – through Kooku’s interim recruiting service, we bring the right talent to your company and help you stand out against the competition.

Feedback from our customers

Further successful interim recruiting partnerships

You need fast and competent support in recruiting?
Contact Kooku right away!

Do you need fast and competent support for your HR and recruiting team? Then we are the right partner at your side.

Our experienced and differently specialized Interim Recruiters and Recruiting Consultants are internally trained in the areas of self-organization, but also in candidate communication and handling of specialist departments. Close coordination with our clients and detailed briefings ensure that we recruit the right candidates for your job.

Our interim recruiters take the time to get to know your company and the individual situation in your department from the ground up in order to find out which skills and, above all, which cultural characteristics are required of the new employee and which candidates fit well into your team structure.

How can we currently support you with the help of interim recruiting? Let's talk without obligation!


Josefine Loewe

Head of Customer Growth and Success

Josefine is responsible for the well-being of our customers. It will find the best service for your growth in order to fill your vacancies efficiently and effectively. Josi’s mission is to enable our customers and partners to grow in line with their needs and to take the pressure off internal recruiting teams. 

To achieve this goal, it is important to her that our recruiters are a perfect match for the individual requirements of our customers in order to guarantee the high quality of our services and long-term customer relationships. 

Just find an available date in Josefine’s calendar here on the right or get in touch with her via the following ways:

Get to know us easily now.

More info: How does interim recruiting work with Kooku?

With this recruiting service, our interim recruiters work directly on-site or remotely with our clients and help them find the right person to fill open vacancies. In every area of the recruiting process, the client is supported in-house, from the planning of the job advertisement, to direct search of the right candidate, to the hiring of the new employee.

In this way, specific questions on a wide range of areas such as your positions, the ideal structure of the recruitment process or on specific candidates can be clarified directly with our interim recruiter without delay. This not only makes the hiring process more transparent for you, but also greatly speeds it up. This allows us to work together flexibly and efficiently on the personnel development of your company.

Through HR Interim Recruiting, our specialists are therefore directly on site and can focus entirely on the requirements of your company. As part of your team, we work closely together to master the challenges of modern recruiting management.

More info about Interim Recruiting:

Interim recruiting means supporting a company directly on site for a certain period of time either by taking over recruiting completely or by supplementing the existing HR team.

As an interim recruiter, our employees support your team on-site or remotely and support you and the team over a longer period of time. In addition to sourcing candidates, the entire pipeline can be managed – all the way to hiring. Furthermore, we advise the team with our expertise from the market. Contact us if you have any questions.

Our employees receive dedicated training and accompanying “on-the-job” training on topics such as direct search/active sourcing, interviewing, Qrganization and project management. This, together with uniform, long-established recruiting processes, enables us to ensure consistent recruiting quality.

With external recruiters, you often encounter problems such as long response times and a lack of transparency. Our interim recruiters, on the other hand, are directly on site and fully committed to supporting you in your daily HR work. They are always available to assist with recruitment issues. In close coordination with your own team, they will help create job specifications for the jobs to be filled. HR interim recruiters therefore start at the very beginning of the process in order to be able to find a quick and optimal solution for you.

With their experience and specialized expertise, they assist in writing job advertisements, then search for suitable candidates via various channels, such as job boards, social media or other selected media, and make a qualified pre-selection.

This way, you can focus only on the most promising candidates and can use the time saved directly for further HR measures.

You will be guided by our interim recruiters through the entire candidate selection process, supported during contract interviews and compensation negotiations. Here you can rely on the accumulated experience from numerous customer projects.

But before it even gets to a setting, a whole lot is already going on in the background. In addition to the obvious tasks of personnel acquisition, our interim recruiters also support you with measures such as developing guidelines for an optimal HR process, analyzing the personnel market in various industries and much more. The goal is to establish a holistic recruiting process that will help your company achieve better personnel management in the long term.

The direct contact of our interim recruiters to your HR management makes it much easier to tailor your recruiting measures and job offers exactly to the requirements of your company. Whether you are looking for qualified career starters, specialists in a specific industry or even a candidate for the executive level, with the input of an interim recruiter, you are guaranteed quick success with your human resources measures. In this way, your team can be supplemented with suitable and experienced candidates in the shortest possible time.

Our services in the area of interim recruiting include more than just addressing potential candidates via platforms such as Xing or LinkedIn. Instead, we get to know your business intimately, get a feel for the skills you need, and – just as important – the mood of your employees. This way, we can approach candidates together who will complement your team well in every way. This way, not only your candidate’s resume and previous career fit your company, but also their personality.

Interim recruiters also have the advantage of being able to be directly involved in your recruitment team and, thanks to their presence in your company, are always available – and, as with a freelancer, only for exactly as long as you need them. This means maximum flexibility for you and your project management.

Considering the gain in knowledge from the field of recruiting management, an interim recruiter is even a quite favorable alternative to the otherwise usual headhunters. This is because they are paid once a candidate has been successfully recruited, whereas an interim HR manager is charged per hour, but can take care of several vacancies at the same time.

So, you can freely have a qualified worker for your HR team on as many days a week as you like, carefully trained by us and educated in key disciplines such as communications, active sourcing, branding and much more. This is how we ensure that we always stay up to date in our field. We would like to pass this advantage on to your company.

Why companies like to work with us

A professionally trained and experienced team

Many years of expertise and extensive training.

Our freelance recruiting specialists bring many years of experience and up-to-date industry knowledge to the table. Internal training of our employees and common "best practice" processes always guarantee efficient recruiting. The open exchange about your project in our 40-member team guarantees success!

Fair and transparent pricing

For you: Efficient and comprehensible.

Our interim recruiters and consultants are well trained and professional. Depending on specialization and experience, our permanent employees call individual prices, which you can request separately on our team page or in a first short meeting to get to know each other, usually between 75€ and 150€/h. Contact us and let us send you suitable profiles!

Maximum legal certainty

No fictitious self-employment. DSGVO compliant.

Our employees are permanent employees. In addition to professional quality assurance, there is no risk of bogus self-employment as with individual freelancers. By employing an external, independent data protection officer, we assure you of maximum legal security.

No additional broker commissions

No broker commissions

By commissioning directly, you avoid unnecessary costs. Additional placement platforms Intermediaries usually add at least 20% to the regular daily rates. You can save the money! Simply commission us directly.