Corporate values: The colorful diversity at Kooku

The colorful variety at Kooku

The month of June is official Pride and Inclusion Month. At Kooku, we are very happy to see this topic getting more attention. In daily business, it often happens that in all the stress, company values take second place. In this context, the so-called Company Culture, which is based on the corporate values, has a major influence on the success of the company. At Kooku, values are capitalized and determine the daily cooperation, both in the team and with customers. That’s why we thought today we’d share insights into the Kooku culture and offer a few glimpses into our values-based collaboration.


Satisfaction at work, too: What does diversity have to do with corporate values?

At Kooku, we believe that in addition to our personal lives, we also manage our professional lives to create a work environment that allows us to contribute and develop ourselves and our skills. Our individual backgrounds and experiences significantly shape this everyday life. Our mission is to create a working world that is worth living in for everyone. Everyone is welcome to attend. No matter what age, gender, ethnic origin and nationality, religion and ideology, sexual orientation or disability someone has. Kooku has the firm goal of respecting values such as transparency and openness and cultivating them.


Kooku’s corporate values – how do we implement them?

At Kooku, we define good team cohesion with trust, honesty and team power. In this context, team spirit and the atmosphere of the company have a great impact on the success of the company and on the cooperation with our customers. Therefore, setting clear goals but also developing and regularly questioning the value culture are of great importance. Likewise, at Kooku, we encourage each other to develop and work on our own values and then contribute to them. How do we put this into practice? For example, our colleague Aylin supports us every Monday with her “Monday Moment – Mindfulness”. We would like to give time for self-reflection in addition to time for feedback discussions in order to pass on a wide variety of techniques within the team.


Another important aspect is transparent communication.

It is important to Kooku to work together transparently and openly, to be honest with each other and the customers in order to create a trusting and open working environment. We communicate and live these values openly, and successes are celebrated together. In addition to self-reflection, we have launched another internal format for knowledge transfer. At Share & Grow, we train each other on technical topics. Our team of experts has the most diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. We use this for ourselves and the individual development of each of us.


Corporate values workshops and the constant living of these values – also with our customers.

We challenge the status quo, because that’s how the team constantly outgrows itself. In addition to values workshops, we use surveys to see where we stand as a company and where we can still develop potential, if necessary. Our team works together and at eye level – both with each other and with our customers. Quality always comes before quantity. Kooku finds the most effective solutions for our customers’ challenges as well as for internal processes in order to implement them efficiently and quickly.


Identity is created when we live and apply it.

Openness and growth mindset are key at Kooku – together we grow in our tasks and together as a team that supports each other. A final important point is compliance with legal and moral rules. Our team maintains a respectful relationship, both with each other and with our customers. It is important to define clear objectives such as “who are we, what are our goals, what is our mission statement and how do we fit together” in order to create a VALUABLE company.


What corporate culture do we live? A colorful world.

To drive change, it is important to define the goals described above. Concrete measures such as employee surveys and also regular retroperspectives must be initiated and implemented to create a working environment that is livable for everyone. With this approach, Kooku is in the working world. In order to achieve joint success, the team is in constant exchange with each other. Respectful interaction and communication at eye level is essential and helps to work together even better as a team. And although the employees are not all based in the office in Berlin, but also in other parts of Germany or even in Barcelona, communication works without any problems. The weekly, which takes place every Monday morning, helps the team to see what successes they have achieved, to motivate each other, and to thank colleagues for their help, vacation replacements, etc. Appreciation and attentiveness are very important to us.


What makes Kooku so colorful? This is how the team experiences our corporate values and culture:

We asked the team what makes Kooku tick. We are an open team – both in communication and mindset. We work every day to become even better. Kooku is working to expand the theme of diversity every day. Implementation can be well realized through exchange platforms and workshops. This is possible mainly due to a motley team. Women’s quota in management positions, diversity or different origins are not topics we discuss. We implement without bias. But with openness and curiosity. At Kooku the logo is colorful. Likewise the team. Every day we work on living our corporate values. Respectful cooperation and shared success not only bring joy into working life, but also friends in working life.
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