Fill vacancies effectively and quickly with freelance recruiters

You’ve been trying to fill your position for a long time, but you don’t have any suitable applicants or candidates to fill it, or you don’t have enough resources yourself to take care of filling the position sufficiently? In these cases, a freelance recruiter is suitable, who supports your HR department externally for a limited time and ensures that the position is filled.  

Recruiting freelancers use active sourcing with professional networks such as LinkedIn or Xing to search for and approach candidates with suitable profiles. They support your HR department by arrangement along the entire recruiting process and help you with their expertise. This will transform your talent acquisition from talent management efficiently and in line with the market and take your employer branding to the next level. Through recruitment marketing, they ensure that candidates become aware of your company and are interested in your positions. They respond quickly to any concerns and manage the entire pipeline for a speedy application process.  

What exactly freelance recruiters and recruiters are and when it is worthwhile to use this support, you will learn in this article. 

In our team of 40 experts, we can provide specialized recruiters for each area. Our business recruiters, employer branding experts and executive search specialists have many years of experience and extensive industry knowledge in their area of expertise.  

Make sure your positions are filled quickly now and work with Kooku Recruiting as your partner from Berlin. Our team is ready for you immediately and supports you efficiently in filling your positions.

What are Freelance recruiters and recruiters?

Recruiting Freelancers are independent experts in the field of recruitment. With their experience, they support and advise the HR department so that your open vacancies are filled and your talent acquisition runs smoothly. They are billed on an hourly basis and can work industry-wide or industry-specific, such as a Business Recruiter or a Tech Recruiter.

What do Freelance recruiters and recruiters?

Freelance recruiters support the HR department as external employees in filling open vacancies. To do this, use social platforms like LinkedIn or Xing for active sourcing. Through many years of experience, you know the applicant market and applicant needs and can use recruitment marketing to target candidates and draw their attention to your vacancies. At the same time, you can advise HR managers on how to make the hiring process efficient and timely. They support the customer with the requirements profile, the management of applications, the job description or even the employer branding.

What are the benefits for your recruiting?

Recruiting freelancers can be deployed at short notice, bring helpful expertise to the project through their experience and lead to success quickly and efficiently, which is particularly important in recruiting.

Differences between recruiting freelancers and a headhunter?

Recruiting freelancers currently work closely with the company during their employment and also try to advise the HR department away from the staffing process. This can ensure an effective hiring process and mature recruitment. Headhunters work outside the company and are primarily focused on filling the position, as you are billed on a commission basis.

When does it make sense to use it?

Freelance recruiters are particularly suitable if a position needs to be filled quickly or if the HR department does not currently have the necessary resources for active sourcing, for example, or the expertise to fill all positions. They can provide support on very short notice, which means hiring offensives are well covered without having to hire additional staff. For hard-to-fill jobs, freelance recruiters can use recruitment marketing to generate more leads for your jobs and successfully fill your positions.

Looking for assistance in filling your position? Our Kooku Recruiting Team can support you in the form of freelance recruiters as partners in your hiring process and provide you with advice. Here you can find more information about our freelance service.

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