New Work in times of crisis: Practical tips for the home office and flexible support through interim recruiting

The Corona virus is a challenge for all of us and also a novel situation for companies. While the healthcare industry and stores for daily needs are barely keeping up with work, many other industries are suffering from the current restrictions. Many companies had to react quickly and implement new work processes such as home office offerings for their employees on an ad hoc basis.

At Kooku, we have always lived the “New Work Thought”, which allows us to easily adapt to the new situation. But for many companies, this way of working is new territory and they first have to find their way between home office, digital internal communication and customer care. To make the transition easier for you, we would like to introduce you to our know-how and support your company during the changeover.

Home office tips from practice

In practice, our way of working with regard to home office is as follows:

  • Our employees have the option of requesting a home office at any time. In doing so, we have established clear rules to ensure that the quality of the work is nevertheless guaranteed. At the moment, this is especially beneficial for our parents, who have to fulfill their supervisory duties at home due to the school and daycare closures, but can still take care of important tasks. Even in the event of a precautionary quarantine, our employees could continue to work without restrictions.
  • So that the work also from home smoothly, we attach great importance to ensuring that our shared communication channel is always well maintained. This means that we have created wikis with guides in which all important work processes are explained and files can also always be filed properly. This means that absences, whether due to illness, childcare or similar, can be easily compensated for and tasks can be handed over effortlessly.
  • Even though we value personal contact with our colleagues and customers very much, it is no problem for us to do without this for the time being and to work remotely with everyone. Thanks to digitization, most recruiting processes now take place online. From the search for candidates to the application to the telephone / telephone interview. Skype interview all processes can continue to run smoothly as before.
  • Thanks to our remote / home office offer, we already regularly hold our Monday meetings online, so that everyone is always up to date, regardless of whether one of our employees is working as an interim recruiter in another location in Germany or in a different country. is even in another country such as Bali, Spain or France. Internal communication does not suffer in any way from the physical separation, and continues to be unproblematic and adapted to the given circumstances.

New Work as an opportunity for companies

For many companies, the new Sition is therefore also an opportunity to push ahead with long overdue changes in the corporate structurebecause the approach of New Work is not only useful in times of crisisbut also with regard to future processes. In addition, the time can be used wisely to train employees. Here too Kooku can assist you ican assist you in many ways, for example with training on the following topics active sourcing and communication.

Flexibility through Interim Recruiting

Another advantage of our New Work concept is that we at Kooku can be deployed flexibly are and can therefore step in at any time canshould a recruiting process come to a standstill due to coronavirus infections or quarantines, as is the case in the current situation. Our recruiters are fully educated and well trained and can therefore quickly act as interim recruiters in the company. They are not necessarily required to be based on-site at the company, which often makes it easier to get to know the culture and colleagues, but in situations like the current one, they can easily be managed remotely. The Furthermore an interim recruiter does not need to be trained for long and can manage the recruiting processes such as active sourcing and direct approach via their own access and tools, which include both
Xing and LinkedIn
and at the same time adapt to the company’s processes.

We at Kooku also offer our expertise not only in interim recruiting, but also in recruiting process outsourcing. Thanks to digitalization, entire recruiting processes can be outsourced and run without any personal contact but with the usual quality and digitally, even from the home office. With flexible contract terms, per-minute billing, weekly jour fixes and detailed reporting, we can support your business for as long as it needs without any commissions.

Acting instead of hesitating

Understandably, in the current situation, some companies are a bit more cautious about new hires. However, even though the economy is suffering at the moment, experts say that once the virus peak is over, an economic phase can be expected. That’s why it’s important to plan now for the future and gain a competitive advantage over other companies. On the one hand, the hiring process for a new employee takes up to six weeks on average, with an individual notice period added depending on the candidate, and on the other hand, there is currently another major advantage: Due to the restraint of many companies, the competition for talent is much more relaxed, which can significantly increase the chances of finding top candidates. In addition, many candidates are currently readily available because they are either working from home offices or even in quarantine.

For further questions, we will be happy to advise you by telephone. Book an appointment for an initial non-binding introductory meeting.

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